04, Jun, 2015

Join us for Inspirational speaker ANDREW FLEMING

Andrew was a fit and active man with a passion for barefoot water skiing and snow skiing.  At 31 a farming accident left him paralysed from the waist down.  Suddenly life was a lot different and very challenging.  He learnt he had the power to alter his perception and find hope whatever the challenge.

He will tell you his story, about spending six hours lying in a paddock, with a broken back wondering if anyone would find him in time, a broken relationship, and how he has renovated houses from his wheelchair whilst only have a meagre $14000/annum income to survive on.

Andrew will demonstrate how you can find the hope you need in any situation and overcome challenges that seem impossible.


Friday 3rd July

The Plymouth International Hotel

7.30 am for an 8 am start until 9.30 am

Register or phone 0800 7699909.  The first 20 clients to register with each of Paragon and Vanburwray respectively and attend will get a FREE copy of Andrew's inspirational book 'Change the Channel'


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