28, Jul, 2016

Healthy By Sovereign

Sovereign Assurance want customers to benefit from the policies they hold with them, even when they are not making a claim.  So Sovereign have created Healthy by Sovereign.  It's a loyalty programme that has been designed to give members regular rewards for making healthy choices like working out, eating healthy food and getting regular check ups at the GP and Dentist.  We believe that being healthy and taking care of you is the best way to live a long, happy life and we want to reward our customers who are doing just that.

Healthy by Sovereign gives Customer Members the opportunity to earn up to $100 cash back annually and has rewards like gym vouchers up to $125 each year.  As Healthy points are earned, members progress through levels from bronze to silver, gold and platinum.  At each new level, members unlock additional rewards.  Healthy by Sovereign also gives members the chance to access exclusive retail offers and discounts from our partners.  The Healthy points you earn and the level you achieve are both reset upon your Healthy Anniversary date.  So you can start fresh and earn rewards each year.

You are eligible to join if you are the life assured on a current Sovereign Health insurance policy and you're at least 16 years of age.  If this is you, you can join as a customer member.  All individuals need a unique email address to join.

For more information follow the link and join Healthy by Sovereign today to start reaping the rewards


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