13, Feb, 2018

Paragon welcomes Zoë Walls-Renwick to the adviser team

Paragon are excited to welcome Zoë Walls Renwick into the team as an Adviser.  Here's a little information about Zoë who will enhance our team through her contacts in the younger market.

Zoë says:

After four and a half years in the insurance industry as a Personal Assistant at Paragon, I have now decided to further my career and become an insurance adviser.  After seeing first hand how insurance has helped client's through unexpected events life has thrown their way, I now have a comprehensive understanding of the importance financial planning can have in the event of the unexpected.  Most people understand the importance of insuring their property and possessions but what about insuring ourselves, our income, or our health?  You may be establishing and building a career, launching a business, saving for your first home or perhaps starting a family and these are all important changes in circumstance where your financial plan needs to be reviewed or put in place and this is where I can help.

I believe in doing the right thing by my clients and making recommendations that are tailored to your situation and needs.  Just as your life and situation change, so will your financial plan and I as your broker am here to maintain a lasting relationship and help you change this accordingly as your life changes.

Please call me today if you would like some help with your financial plan and idea's to ensure your goals aren't compromised if the unexpected were to happen.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Zoë Walls-Renwick, Adviser 021 08237605


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