Life Insurance

We may like to think ‘it will never happen to me’ but as sure as we are born - we will die.
And sometimes we die prematurely leaving family and loved ones behind. The key question is what plans have you made to ensure your family can survive comfortably without you?

Life Cover can provide a lump-sum payment to your partner and loved ones when you die.
Life Cover really is essential for those with family, business or other financial commitments.

Here are some good reasons to have Life Insurance:

  • Mortgage Repayments
  • Day to day living expenses
  • Raising children
  • Protecting retirement savings
  • Funeral Expenses


Who really needs life insurance?


Life Insurance is really for those people who are financially dependant on you so it’s really important if your death is going to impact on them. Whether you want to clear debts, provide for your family’s living needs or take care of funeral costs, life insurance is the way to make sure it happens.


How much Life Insurance do I need?


Paragon advisers use a thorough fact finding process to determine your needs.

It is important you get the right amount. Too little could mean the people you care about aren’t taken care of and too much could mean you are wasting money on insurance premiums.

The Startling Facts:

  • On average, there is one death in New Zealand every 19 minutes
  • Every 90 minutes a New Zealander dies from a heart attack.
  • In 2003, there were 18,586 new cancer registrations and 8027 cancer deaths in
    New Zealand.
  • 28% of cancer-related deaths were people aged between 25 and 64.
  • One in 6 males over the age of 30 will die before they reach 65.
  • One in 9 females over the age of 30 will die before they reach 65.

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