Living Assurance

Living Assurance is all about survival.  Are you prepared for serious illness?  It’s a fact of life that we all get sick - and sometimes seriously.  The cost of recovery from an illness like cancer or a heart attack can have a huge impact on your ability to meet your living expenses.

Living Assurance is designed to pay a lump sum in the event of you suffering one of a number of specified critical conditions.

There are a number of good reasons to have Living Assurance:

  • Financial Survival – many patients survive an illness only to be crippled financially
  • reatment Expenses
  • Loss of Earnings
  • Protection for children
  • Medical advancements


How does Trauma Insurance work?


With trauma insurance you choose the lump sum which will be paid out should you suffer one of the list of conditions that the policy offer covers for.  You can use the lump sum for whatever you want.


What kind of conditions are we talking about?


These are some of the most serious illnesses and events you can face ie invasive cancer, heart attacks, strokes, paraplegia, MS or Parkinsons to name a few.

The Startling Facts:

  • 52% of male cancer patients will be alive five years after being diagnosed and
    59% of females.
  • Males have a two in five chance of suffering a critical illness between 30 and 64.
  • Females have a one in four chance of suffering a critical illness between 30 and 64.
  • On average, 92% of Living Assurance benefit claims are due to cancer, a stroke
    or a heart attack.

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