04, Sep, 2012

Daffodil Day

This week in the news it was reported that whilst the number of new cancer diagnosis's continues to rise, the rate at which people are dying from the disease is falling.  A timely reminder as we here in New Zealand last week had Daffodil Day, the Cancer Societies annual flagship event to raise awareness and funds.

The Daffodil is one of the first flowers of Spring, who's bright yellow blooms remind us of the joys the new Spring will bring.  It also represents teh hope there is for 1 in 3 New Zealanders affected by cancer.

As you appreciate the daffodil blooms this Spring, take a moment to consider, could you financially survive a cancer diagnosis in you or a member of your family?  More and more cancer sufferers are you want you or your families time of sufferring to be made more difficult by financial worry?  If not, have you talked to your risk insurance adviser to ensure if the unexpected happens, financial security would be available.

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