12, Sep, 2011

The Biggest Change in our Industry's History


From 1st July 2011, it is now against the law for anyone to provide personalized financial Adviser services unless they are; depending on the services they provide, either an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA), a Registered Financial Adviser (RFA) and/or a nominated representative of a Qualifying Financial Entity (QFE).

Paragon is pleased to advise that all Paragon advisers are either AFA's, RFA's or nominated representatives of a QFE.  Shelley Wade is the first of the team to qualify as an AFA with directors Steve Teague and John Harrison continuing to work towards AFA status.

We welcome the new regulatory framework which will help restore customer confidence in the financial services industry.  It re-inforces what Paragon stands for with a commitment to quality service, ethical behavious, transparency, knowledge and customer care.  Congratulations to all of our Advisers on their ongoing commitment to this process.


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