16, Sep, 2014

Healthy Living 6: Healthy inspiration

This whole Healthy Living concept was inspired at our SovNet Conference some six weeks ago by Dr Tom Mulholland.  At the conference Dr Tom put fellow SovNet Adviser JRI (John Rae) through a health assessment and John committed to taking on the challenge of healthy living which then Paragon directors Steve and John joined.

Altogether there are now a group of Advisers (7)  from throughout the country each committed to Healthy Living and some weightloss and health goals.  As a group at the week 5 mark, they had lost 15 kgs.  Week by week they report in and support and encourage each other in their weightloss goals.

Our Paragon directors had a great week losing approx 1.5 kgs each.  John is now down from his starting weight of 111 kg to 106.8 kg and Steve down from 101 to 98.5 kg.  The biggest change for them both has been a regular commitment to exercise.  Together Steve and John joined the gym and meet most mornings to row, cycle and do some weights with each other as motivation.  So not only are they losing weight, but building muscle and becoming healthier.....

We will keep you posted as their journey continues.


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