27, Jun, 2017

Graeme's Claims Story

In his mid-40s, Graeme has a passion for all things outdoor and what Taranaki has to offer.  He is a keen surfer and snowboarder amongst other sports, and has an active lifestyle which he enjoys with his wife and 3 children.  Graeme first met wtih Steve in 2000 and as a result put in place life and trauma cover.  In 2014 Graeme noticed a lump in his right leg and went to the doctor.  Subsequent investigations resulted in a melanoma diagnosis with surgery required to remove the lump and the lymph nodes.  As a result Graeme qualified for a claim on his Trauma Insurance.

"When Steve first visited me and my family it was difficult to see the need for insurance as we probably felt indestructible.  The insurance we put in place was probably the minimal levels Steve recommended and designed to mitigate the risks to my wife and family due to our exposure to debt.  In hindsight having the insurance was a huge relief.  As with any melanoma diagnosis there's a degree of uncertainty and having some financial security to know your family is going to be OK should the worst happen can't be underestimated.  The claims process was really straight forward, Steve handled it all.  I would definitely recommend the process we went through with Steve and Paragon and the use of insurance to mitigate risk especially to those who have a young family and exposure to a mortgage.  It's all about peace of mind".


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