02, Aug, 2019

Launch of AIA Living and AIA Vitality


Paragon are excited to announce the bringing together of NZ's previous largest life insurer Sovereign and AIA with launch on Monday 5th August of AIA Living and AIA Vitality.  This process has seen the merger of the best of AIA And Sovereign with a focus on helping NZ become one of the healthiest and most protected nations in the world.  

AIA Living has been designed to deliver outstanding customer value, particularly when combined with AIA Vitality.  AIA Vitality is an award-winning health and wellbeing program designed to support clients to take a journey to better health.  AIA Vitality's approach is a journey to know your health, improve your health and be rewarded for doing so.  AIA VItality members earn AIA Vitality points through a number of health and fitness related activities.  Members start on Bronze Status and work their way up completing health related activities.  The more points, the higher the status and the greater the rewards.  Rewards include discounts on insurance  premiums, entertainment and other reward partners including FitBit, Garmin, Mole Map, Mission Nutrition advice and Air points to name a few.

To celebrate the launch of AIA Vitality in New Zealand and welcome the first clients onto the program we can offer you a introductory offer of 12 months free if you join AIA Vitality between 5th August and 5 November 2019 so talk to our Advisers today and start your journey to health, the biggest and most exciting change in the insurance industry in years!


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