Fundamentally, at Paragon we believe that ...
Buying insurance shouldn't be a complex issue.

Insurance to us is about being there when you really need it to ensure your goals aren't compromised.

Directors John and Robyn Harrison and Steve Teague have a vision to create a company that genuinely cares about their clients and provides the epitome of client service.

paragon directors

What to expect from our advisers

1. Meet and Chat

Meet with our Insurance Advisers to talk over your current situation.

2. Identify

Together we will help identify your goals and needs.

3. Analyse

Our Advisers will assess your current situation and potential needs should the unexpected happen.

4. Report

A report is then produced and presented to you of our recommendations based on your needs.

5. Implement

Our Advisers assist you to fill in the necessary form to apply for your insurance.

6. Review

Your Adviser offers an annual review to insure your cover continues to meet your needs and is always available should circumstances change.

Just what is a Paragon?

A Paragon is a unique phenomenon in the world being a diamond weighing in at 137.82 carats.

A very unusual 7-faced diamond, the Paragon is commonly accepted as the epitome of the finest quality gem in the world.

We have chosen Paragon as our company name because we believe in being the epitome of insurance solutions for life.

Our dedicated team of specialist advisers work with you to determine your needs, and then match the most appropriate products to provide insurance solutions.

Directors John Harrison and Steve Teague use the AIA AdviceQual Advice process and compliance procedures.

As part of the Paragon team all advisers are required to:

  • Comply with the Code of Ethics
  • Attend regular professional development training
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance - In compliance with the Code of Ethics all Paragon advisers have Professional Indemnity Insurance.

The AIA AdviceQual public disclosure document is available HERE.

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