A Disability Income Claims Story

Claudia has been a Sovereign customer since 1988.

In 2015 Claudia was diagnosed with cancer which had spread to the lymph nodes.  She submitted a claim to Sovereign on her Disability Income Protection Policy.

A senior claims manager visited Claudia at her home shortly afterwards. During the visit it became clear that one of the biggest challenges was accepting the limitations cancer placed on her previously busy life.  Claudia was a high functioning multi tasker with a lot of responsibility.

Claudia underwent surgery to remove the cancer.  She was then hit with high levels of fatigue, sickness and anxiety - all effects of her cancer treatment.  The claims manager was quick to recognise this as a significant hurdle to overcome in Claudia's recovery.  With help from a psychologist, Claudia was taught techniques to address the obstacles in her life.  A wellness plan, gradual exercise programme, physiotherapy, healthy eating, osteopathy and acupuncture services were integrated into Claudia's life.The psychologist also helped Claudia to plan and implement management of her various life roles, including redefining her role with her employer long term to make the role sustainable and manageable for her.

Source:  Sovereign Claims statistics as at 30 June 2016 reported to FSC.  Please note Sovereign Assurance was purchased by AIA in August 2018
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