AIA Vitality

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What is AIA Vitality?

AIA Vitality is a science-backed health & wellbeing program that supports you every day to make healthy choices.

AIA Vitality helps you get to know your health, provides tools to improve it and offers great rewards to keep you motivated on your journey to a healthier you.

Benefits and rewards

You can enjoy great benefits and rewards from our program partners to help you reach your health and wellbeing goals.

  • One free annual health check at a Green Cross pharmacy
  • 25% off a skin assessment at Molemap
  • Free access to Allen Carr's Quit Smoking program
  • 75% off an initial consultaion with a dietitian at Mission Nutrition
  • Up to 50% off movie tickets
  • Airpoints dollars - earn a maximum of $300 Airpoints for moving through the levels and up to $260 for weekly active rewards
  • Up to 25% off Fitbit and Garmin devices
  • Apple Watch Benefit – use Active rewards to receive upfront a $699 Apple Watch

Earn Points and improve your status

You start each membership year on Bronze Status with AIA Vitality Points and accumulate them through ongoing program engagement. The higher your Points, the higher your status, the greater your rewards.

When your next membership year rolls around, you retain the status you’ve earned and the rewards that come with it.

Here’s a number of key ways you can earn AIA Vitality Points

  • AIA VITALITY HEALTH CHECK - Up to 10,000 points
  • EYE CHECK - 500 points
  • VACCINATIONS - 1,000 points per vaccination
  • MEDITATION - Up to 2,000 points
  • AIA VITALITY AGE ASSESSMENT - Up to 3,500 points
  • NON-SMOKER DECLARATION - 1,000 points
  • BOWEL CANCER SCREENING - 1,000 points
  • MAMMOGRAM - 1,000 points
  • DENTAL ASSESSMENT - 1,000 points
  • MOLEMAP SKIN ASSESSMENT - Up to 1,000 points

Find out more

Get in touch to find out more about AIA Vitality and how you can earn rewards while improving your health.

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