Paragon Diamond

Brenda Green

PA to Steve Teague

In her nearly 15 years with the Paragon family, Brenda has honed her skills in every aspect of providing the epitome of customer service to Paragon clients.  Brenda has walked alongside our clients with empathy as they have faced claims that threaten to derail their lifestyles and future, and worked with clients and insurers alike to ensure the client is the winner.

As both Steve's PA and our groups insurance administrative expert, Brenda's role is varied but she focuses predominately on building relationships to help understand our clients' needs and work with the insurers to ensure clients programmes meet their lifestyle needs.  Brenda enjoys the journey of working with clients and having spent 15 years at Paragon, get a thrill out of now helping the next generation of clients.

As an AIA Vitality advocate, Brenda uses this programme to focus on her health and wellbeing and as such is happy to help clients with this journey too.

Brenda loves to get out in nature with her family as is a devoted Mum to two gorgeous girls and her husband Scott plus her extended Taranaki family.  Brenda loves the Taranaki lifestyle and is equally passionate about ensuring the insurance programme Steve provides looks after what you love.