Paragon Diamond

Jay Harrison

Paragon sponsored athlete and AIA Vitality ambassador

Jay is currently studying towards his Bachelor's of Business Management with a minor concentration in Marketing at Seattle University in the US whilst representing Seattle University in their Division one men's tennis team.  

After high school Jay worked fulltime for Paragon, prior to leaving to attend Seattle U and he has a keen interest in the AIA Vitality programme and the programme's commitment to helping NZers live healthier, longer better lives.  He continues to fit in some part time work for Paragon both remotely and on his annual trips home.  He has also worked many other part time roles including a teaching assistant, tennis coaching and car valet work.  He believes that despite the explicit differences in all these roles, each of these experiences has offered valuable insights and helped him develop a better understanding of what it takes to operate and manage a successful business.

Jay's experience at Seattle University requires him to simultaneously balance the student-athlete roles and this is helping him develop resilience, time management, team work and leadership skills so Paragon is proud to sponsor his journey and look forward to following his Business focused career in years to come.  

The Paragon team sometimes feel like he's never left as he is a regular at the office these days by Facetime!