Paragon Diamond

Robyn Harrison

Director / Business Manager

Robyn has been part of the Paragon team since the day we opened our doors with most of the time spent behind the scenes on strategy, systems, people, culture and development of the business.   Robyn's passion has always been to build Paragon to a successful sustainable business focused on the client's needs.  Adding to these founding principles is the desire to ensure the Paragon team has every opportunity to be the best version of themselves and as such Robyn's passion for the industry and knowledge means she loves to show others what this industry has to offer.  'Here at Paragon, we all thrive on positive client outcomes, at both application and claim time, we aim to make a difference in people's lives and ensure we enjoy the pathway to get there'.

Robyn has a genuine love of life and connection to nature and fitness.  As such she became a member very early on in the AIA Vitality initiative and she continues to lead from the front in integrating leading healthier longer and more protected lives for both her team and clients introduced to Paragon.  The combination of being a people person driven by leading a healthy life means her involvement in this industry is well cemented.

Time outside of building Paragon into a thriving business, Robyn is Mum to Roneta and Jayden (who both have part time roles within the business), and step-Mom to John's three adult children and Robby to the grandkids and now that they have all left home Robyn is enjoying the newfound freedom of time to herself to enjoy yoga, hiking, e-mountain biking and CanAm side by side adventures with hubby John.