Paragon Diamond

Steve Teague


As the other founding Director of Paragon, Steve has spent the last 20+ years in the insurance industry and remains working with clients and provides mentorship as an independent Director.  You may wonder why he remains in the industry so long.....When asked why do we have insurances? Steve believes that love motivates us towards insurance. We love our families and our lives and don’t want to leave a legacy of financial hardship. This caring attitude is what drives Steve to be your insurance advocate. As a passionate surfer, Steve understands that his Taranaki clients choose to be here for lifestyle reasons. This means Steve values the ability to give his clients time… time to relax and discuss their needs either at the office or the client’s home – or out the back of the surf break!

Steve and his wife Judith live in Fitzroy and Steve shares his love of the surf and outdoors with his son's Oscar and Seb and his daughers and grandchildren in the South Island.